Chakra Tuning Forks

Chakra Tuning Forks

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Clear your Aura with vibrational frequencies that correspond to each chakra and help balance the body's energy. There are seven chakras in the body, each resonating with a unique sound or note of a specific pitch that can be used therapeutically in alternative holistic and energetic healing practices. Tapping tuning forks can alter our biochemistry and help balance our mind, body, and spirit. Research shows that tuning forks can help us enter a deep state of relaxation, improve our mental clarity, relieve stress and even integrate the left and right brain through patterns.


CROWN Chakra  - 172.06 Hz (violet)

THIRD EYE Chakra - 221.23 Hz (indigo)

THROAT Chakra - 141.27 Hz (sky blue)

HEART Chakra - 136.10 Hz (green)

SOLAR PLEXUS Chakra - 126.22 Hz (yellow)

SACRAL Chakra - 210.42 Hz (orange)

ROOT Chakra - 194.18 Hz (red)

Pouch with items inside measures approx.: 9.5" L x 2.25" x 1.5" D. Sizes of the individual tuning forks vary.

Each tuning fork comes with its own wood and rubber mallet as well as a carrying pouch with the Chakra name and frequency.